XEditPro Publishing Suite


Publishers are looking to shorten the time to market their products, improve product quality, and increase the productivity of their internal staff. This calls for more automation, newer processes, and improved efficiencies. Many publishers also have additional requirements such as reduction in editing intervention, high levels of author and editor satisfaction, addressing new product formats and varied data output requirements.

Today, publishing processes are totally technology-driven but a true digital transformation platform requires more than just applying the latest technology. It has to be solution that can bring value: better, faster at lower-cost while addressing emerging requirements. With cloud computing offering an unprecedented level of scalability, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are now becoming the tried and tested options to change the way we edit and publish.


XEditPro Publishing Suite provides the way forward using AI-powered digital publishing

Making the most of decades of close collaboration with leading publishers, diacriTech has developed XEditPro which comprises all the tools required for advanced digital content production in one platform. Powered by AI and ML in the background, XEditPro provides digital workflow tools that take automation of the publishing workflow to a much higher level than was previously possible. XEditPro fully capitalizes on the potential of AI to gain control over pain areas and bring about improvement in terms of quality and cost efficiency in the publishing value chain.

How AI empowers the pre-editing and copyediting process

The pre-editing module does automated content clean-up, conversions, style applications, checking for consistencies, validation of links etc. Lookup and checking for accuracy against standard databases (Crossref /PubMed/ ORCID/Fundref), DOI insertion are done as part of reference checking. Rule-based copyediting (as per publisher's specific styles/word preferences), NLP based grammar and spelling checks are driving factors in reducing copyediting turnaround times.

How the web based proof-handling platform shortens production time

The web-based proof handling platform integrates a collaborative authoring and editorial environment, a comprehensive track change system, author query, Instant generation of online PDF proofs and EPUB after revises, multichannel product delivery (Print PDF, Web PDF, HTML, XML, EPUB, and Word ),creation of metadata in all stages of publishing etc. all in a single platform using a single source. Plus it simplifies editing of structured elements like references, Math, and scientific formula.

Live Example: For a Composition requirement from a leading publisher on a Higher Education title with 400 pages, which had a 4 color layout, multiple varieties of box items, side by side figures, tables and heavy math content, XEditPro was used to finalize the book within 2 revises. Overall time was reduced by 45 days. XEditPro automated EPUB/XML /Word extraction and index generation to the maximum extent.

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