Interactive Publishing

diacriTech supports Publishers to expand their publishing capabilities to meet new digital requirements. It is highly important for Publishers to embrace leadership by publishing to digital devices that are fast emerging. Customers growing expectations can be met when Publishers join the uprising interactive publishing strategies. diacriTech owns a command over technologies that are revolutionary and continuously strive to offer services that reduce significant time and expense.

Digitalizing books was the first breakthrough that changed the landscape of traditional publishing services. The electronic version of a book was well accepted by customers but technology evolves and the demand for immersive content is rising. diacriTech harmonize with new media technology and that gives us the strength to guide Publishers on market demands. Publishers are responsive to the factor that not all content or books can fit into digital format, books with layouts and content that could adapt to black and white screens of e-readers are just one part while certain. Magazines and content-rich books demand formats that are dynamic. Display screens play a major role in how the readers consume data, for example, smart classes changed the way students learn.

Readers are now acclimating to an entirely new digital experience - one that promises an unprecedented level of consumer interaction with content through the latest virtual reality head-mounted devices, Hololens, smartphones, e-readers, and tablets, as well as an equally engaging experience through computers.

Interactive Digital Publishing technology delivers a rich color based, interactive multimedia experience through larger, more sophisticated displays in which consumers discover content through clickable videos, 3D animation, 360-degree views, 3D models, sound files, and other interactive functionality. Depending on the nature of the book, Publishers can choose the format it can be converted to.

diacriTech focuses on offering "digital experiences" for Publishers can develop, interactive, immersive and engaging content.

diacriTech can help you integrate digital publishing into your cross-media publishing strategy so you can reach the latest digital devices, including HMD such as Oculus, Hololens, HTV vibe and other similar products. Our content developing strategy will be media-independent, our R&D team safeguards customers from continual shifts in technology as new devices come to market.

Efficiency and cost are the major concern of Publishers, being market leaders we provide operational productivity and solutions that are flexible enough to meet future demands.

Automation, Artificial intelligence, dynamic content development and application development skills applied to offer interactive experiences. Our approach is comprehensive which will improve productivity and cost savings.