• is a true single source publishing platform to manage all publishing needs powered by Al and automation.

XEditPro - Automated Publishing Tool

XEditPro Publishing Suite is a cloud-based SaaS solution pioneered by diacriTech focused on three objectives:

  • Elevate and strengthen quality book, journal and periodicals publishing
  • Evolve publishing model to drive sustainable growth
  • Empower users through technology innovation
  • Why XEditPro?

    XEditPro utilizes a combination of AI, natural language processing (NLP), and intelligent workflows to reduce human intervention and provide significant savings in terms of cost and time.

    A look at how XEditPro can benefit you!

    XEditPro - Automated Publishing Tool

    Future-Proof Solution

    What truly makes XEditPro a robust and future-proof solution is a combination of these; business rule engine that allows enhancements to be implemented easily, API-driven microservice architecture enabling integration with third-party entities, scalability using cloud load balancing techniques, advanced security using ACL and IP address based restriction, a modern UI/UX, automated workflow facilitating zero-lag fulfilment of tasks by resources (copyeditors/authors/typesetters/production editors), and the promise of an impeccable implementation.

    Technology as a differentiator

    In an extremely competitive publishing market, characterized by high capacity, low margins and limited time-to-market, publishers gain an imperative advantage by embracing new technologies that leverage AI and NLP. Pre-editing, Copyediting and Composition are some of the key areas where XEditPro embraces the technology of the future to provide unparalleled benefits today. Using a single platform for all the processes from receipt of manuscripts to final delivery (PDF/XML/ePuB/Word) in the editorial cycle reduces technology upkeep costs and provides a consistent experience to editors, authors alike.

    Smart tools to improve speed and quality

    XEditPro has all the tools and standards required for meeting the goals of contemporary publishers in one platform.

    Pre-editing & Assisted Copyediting:

    • Automated cleanup (removal of unwanted elements, insertion of required spaces, replacement of incorrect punctuation marks/special characters)
    • Editorial style application
    • Missing Links checking (Figure, Table and References)
    • Information lookup to check accuracy (Crossref, PubMed, ORCID & FundRef)
    • Rule-based structuring as per publisher-specific styles/word preferences
    • Custom dictionary integration with NLP (Natural Language Processing)

    Editing & Proofing:

    • Online editing (Editor vs. PDF/Editor/XML/EPUB)
    • Easy to use Word-like WYSIWYG editor
    • Download PDF for offline review
    • Standard shortcut keystrokes for editing convenience
    • Reference editing through forms
    • Support for comments and author queries
    • Supports insertion and manipulation of non-text objects (image/symbols/table/equation/asset etc.)
    • In-built equation editor for Math/Scientific formulae
    • Track Changes for editing and review of content including formatting changes


    • Comprehensive set of layout instructions
    • Flexibility in placement of anchored images in PDF and EPUB
    • Layout of page, paragraph, line, header etc. can be fine-tuned with easy access menus
    • Properties and settings can be controlled easily for each object (box/image/table/lists)
    • Auto-numbering feature for images and tables.
    • Style applying feature for new content (Headers/Paragraph/Lists/Boxes etc.)
    • WYSIWYG editing feature for table formatting

    Indexing/Glossary/TOC :

    • Creating and managing index entries based on selected words or phrases
    • Manual and Automated indexing options available
    • Multiple index types (subject index/author index etc.)
    • Support for see and see-also indexing elements
    • Allow swapping of Index levels
    • Automatic generation
      • TOC
      • Index
      • Glossary
      • Table of Figures

    Book Creation :

    • Select chapters, reorder (drag & drop)
    • Automatic callouts update (figure/table/box etc.) while swapping chapters
    • Capture further details such as ISBN, CIP etc.
    • Generate book PDF for print/web
    • Insert cover page or any color plates
    • Automated
      • TOC Generation
      • Index creation with updated pages
      • Update of continuous page number
      • Creation of bookmarks and web links

    Issue Make Up for Journals:

    • Select articles that make up each issue and order them
    • Capture information such as volume number, issue number, year, start page number, etc.
    • Option to include advertisements
    • View articles in past and present issues
    • Insert cover page
    • Revoke article from past issue and add it to forthcoming issue
    • Automated
      • TOC Generation
      • Continuous page number update across articles

    Single Source – Multiple Outputs:

    XEditPro creates a variety of outputs to meet consumer’s expectation of easy, inexpensive access to content in many formats and across many channels.

    Workflow and Production Management:

    • Role-based access control and security
    • Seamless integration of various roles in the publishing life cycle
    • Content integrity through versioning and enforced workflow
    • Workflow customization
    • Real-time status notifications to indicate completion of milestones
    • Reporting dashboards on KPIs to monitor production status
    • Ability to rollback any stage in publishing life cycle
    • Production data archival
    • Built-in mail management system for project status communication
    • Configurable communication templates (mails/notifications)
    • Default fallback notifications for better user experience
    • Audit/Trail log maintained for all events occurring in stages of publishing
    Workflow and Production Management

    Digital Asset Management:

    • Flexible and scalable cloud-based storage to manage assets
    • User interface is intuitive, accessible, and actionable
    • Full visibility on each portfolio increasing probability of assets to be re-purposed
    • Greater control over access for different roles (Admin, Photo Researcher, Author, Editor)
    • Monitor and track rights-managed assets to initiate the timely process of extending or renewing licenses
    • Version control to monitor the processing of files, compare versions, and ensure only up-to-date content is used
    • Critical metadata for digital assets can be defined, used, and viewed anytime
    • Improved content discoverability with detailed search on any content, auto-generation of previews of files and auto-tagging
    • Dynamic usage reports provide better insights with analytics
    Digital Asset Management