• is a true single source publishing platform to manage all publishing needs powered by Al and automation.

XEditPro - Automated Publishing Tool

XEditPro Publishing Suite is a cloud-based SaaS solution pioneered by diacriTech to streamline high-quality content production for books, journals, and periodicals. XEditPro utilizes a combination of AI, natural language processing (NLP), and intelligent workflows to significantly reduce human intervention and expedite publication turnaround time.

Feature Highlights:

  • Pay-per-use licensing model offers no-risk solution to publishers
  • Auto-copyediting using NLP and AI to assist copyeditors
  • Collaborative authoring and editorial process with a web-based proofing tool
  • Significantly improved production times with automated page composition
  • Lowered editing and production costs
  • Instant online PDF proofs and EPUB after revises
  • Single-click delivery of Print PDF, Web PDF, HTML, XML, EPUB, Word at any stage
  • Automated updating of Index page numbers
  • Content enrichment through capture of critical metadata
  • In-built version control to effectively track and control changes
  • Flexible workflows designed to suit publisher's needs
  • Detailed project tracking to track the progress of each title at every stage
  • Ability to retrieve from and distribute content to multiple platforms through API calls
  • A forward-looking platform agnostic solution with commitment to XML standards
  • Supports quality attributes (Accessible, Discoverable, Interoperable, Maintainable)
  • Supports third-party vendors for editing, composition, proofreading, indexing, etc.
  • Integrates with DAM to organize, exchange, publish & distribute rich content

XEditPro provides smart editing tools which integrates naturally into the editor's job, to improve speed and quality.

Pre-editing & Assisted Copyediting:

  • Automated cleanup
    • Removal of extra spaces/tabs, section break, optional hyphen etc.
    • Insertion of space after full stop, comma before the next word etc.
    • Replace double punctuation marks/tabs with single one, page break by newline character etc.
  • Editorial style application
  • Reference management
  • Missing Links checking
  • Crossref, PubMed, ORCID & FundRef validation
  • Custom dictionaries
  • Rule-based structuring
  • NLP powered Grammar & Spelling checks
    • Suggestions to improve the sentence structure and readability
    • Option to accept or decline the suggestions


  • Online editing (Editing vs. PDF preview )
  • Easy to use Word-like WYSIWYG editor
  • Provides PDF for download/review and final PDFs for print /online delivery
  • Standard shortcut keystrokes for editing convenience
  • Multiple users managed with file locking control
  • Comments feature and author queries
  • Insertion and manipulation of non-text objects (Images/Tables/Equations/Symbols/Metadata etc.)
  • In-built equation editor for Math/Scientific formulae
  • Comprehensive Track Changes
  • Reference editing through forms
  • Internal & External Citation of Table/Image etc.
  • Auto update of external chapter links based on chapter reordering


  • Auto update of external chapter links based on chapter reordering
  • Comprehensive set of pagination instructions
  • Custom pagination instructions
  • Flexibility in placement of anchored images in PDF and EPUB
  • Grouping and alignment of Images/Tables/both
  • Design elements such as text wrap-around images or grouped elements
  • Operator or decimal alignment in tables
  • Rotate table feature to handle long tables

Indexing/Glossary/TOC :

  • Creating and managing index entries based on selected words or phrases
  • Creating multi-level (primary, secondary, and tertiary) indexes by nesting index term elements
  • Manual and Automated indexing features
  • Support for see and see-also indexing elements
  • Automatic generation
    • TOC
    • Glossary
    • Table of Figures
    • Table of Authors

Book Creation :

  • Select chapters, reorder (drag & drop)
  • Automatic chapter and callouts(figure/table/box etc.) update while swapping chapters
  • Capture further details such as ISBN, CIP etc.
  • Generate book PDF for print/web
  • Insert cover page or any color plates
  • Automated
    • TOC Generation
    • Index creation with updated pages
    • Update of continuous page number
    • Creation of bookmarks and web links

Issue Make Up for journals:

  • Select articles that make up each issue and order them (drag & drop)
  • Capture information such as volume number, issue number, year, start page number, etc
  • Include advertisements
  • View articles in past and present issues
  • Auto generate TOC
  • Automatic continuous page number updating
  • Insert cover page

Single Source – Multiple Outputs:

XEditPro creates a variety of outputs to meet consumer’s expectation of easy, immediate, inexpensive access to content in many formats and across many channels.

Workflow and Production Management:

  • Role-based access control and security
  • Seamless integration of various roles in the publishing life cycle
  • Content integrity through versioning and enforced workflow
  • Workflow customization
  • Real-time status notifications to indicate completion of milestones
  • Reporting dashboards on KPIs to monitor production status
  • Ability to rollback any stage in publishing life cycle
  • Production data archival
  • Built-in mail management system for project status communication
  • Configurable communication templates (mails/notifications)