• Is an automated digital publishing product, which SIMPLIFIES the entire process involved in e-publishing services.

XEditPro - Automated Publishing Tool

XEditPro is an integrated/automated publishing suite; every major and minor work process involved in digital publishing is achieved within the system and eventually gives us the advantage in rapid multi-channel output, cost-effectiveness, and notable improvements in turnaround time.

Highlights & Advantages of using XEditPro:

  • The entire publishing process is standardized and automated which brings down cost on a unit rate basis. Significant unit cost saving is achieved on single pages, standardization of layout templates and reference styles.
  • One of the main objectives of XEditPro is to streamline project management and production processes resulting in a swift and accurate output, which in turn brings in cost-effectiveness.
  • Improve production turnaround time
  • XEditPro is an integrated publishing suite which manages editorial and production processes for print and digital using a single system. It reduces copyediting intervention with an artificial intelligence capability.
  • In XEditPro, "Natural Language Processor" NLP is embedded within the system. The processor helps distinguish between documents that will need either automated or manual copyediting. Using XeditPro in the pre-editing stage of the work process is time saving.
  • Complex Math oriented pages are also systemized using built-in "Math Editor tool".
  • Copyediting module in XEditPro has options for both automation and manual intervention based on the requirement level.
  • Project schedule timeline is assured when XEditPro orchestrates the entire project with its AI capabilities.

Copyediting features in XeditPro :

XEditPro's Copyediting module is linked with its preceded module "NLP score check" which is combined with the Pre-editing functionality and features.

Automated Copyediting :

Default requirement of structuring a document with XML, cleaning, validation of references to bibliographic databases (e.g. Crossref, PubMed), Funder Registry, ORCID are performed at the pre-editing automated stage. This level is score checked using XeditPro NLP module. Based on the parameter XeditPro has assigned, the files are processed for automated copyediting.

Guided Copyediting :

NLP score check at this stage as again determined with a parameter, which will judge on files that need manual copyediting or automated copyediting. At this level, NLP auto edit happens, followed by XML conversion and then manual editing comes to play.

Manual Copyediting :

NLP score check, with its pre-defined intelligence, takes forward all files that need manual copyediting to the copyeditor. The copyeditor will read the text and correct inconsistent and incorrect grammar, spelling, capitalization, abbreviations etc. Copyeditors can raise queries on unclear text and factual inconsistencies, XeditPro again plays the role of a messenger, by default tracks changes are notified to the Author.

Pagination Features :

Pagination is taken care of XeditPro's using the auto pagination module. PDF is automatically generated, as soon as copyediting is completed. The output is highly automated and may require none to very minimal manual adjustments. Any adjustments needed, if any, can be directly done within XeditPro Editor Mode which will automatically update the PDF.

Similarly, Authors can work with their edits directly on the content using XeditPro's editor mode. This will also update the PDF on the fly, hence bringing down the revision turnaround time considerably.

Nature and Types of KPI tracked :

  • XeditPro has been developed with a vision to integrate editorial process and intricacies involved in publishing, this automation offers all services related to publishing services as a suite.
  • NLP is the effective module that is part of XeditPro, which validates content and copyedits. It further determines which content needs manual copyediting and which will go through auto copyediting
  • XML creation is another tedious process that is automated.
  • Crossref integration and validation related work process are completed with accuracy.
  • AI-basedAutomated reference validation
  • PDF and ePub version of the book or journal can be generated in a click.
  • All stakeholders can work effectively within the system without the need to go outside XeditPro. The system supervises and controls every module and maintains every version of the document.
  • XeditPro assists the PM to collate corrections from Proof-reader, Author and Project Editor, again this happens within the system.