Prepress services for Print and Digital

Prepress Services

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diacriTech provides prepress services (editorial and composition) for books, textbooks, journals, and periodicals to publishers worldwide. We help publishers address the many challenges of an increasingly digitized content industry by keeping pace with ever-changing consumer needs and technologies. We leverage industry leading practices, customized tools, and skilled resources to handle even the most demanding schedule with ease. Here is an overview of our prepress services.

Prepress Services

Project Management Services

To ensure that all projects are skillfully coordinated and managed, diacriTech provides different levels of project management services suited to a project’s size and scope. Project Management involves managing the production of titles from receipt of manuscript to final deliverables to required quality standards.

What we offer:

  • Experienced project managers handpicked with editorial background.
  • Experienced in liaising with authors, editors, typesetters, etc.
  • Expertise to manage both print and digital workflows.
  • Work in multiple shifts aligning to customer time zone.
  • Ability to oversee multiple projects across all phases of development.
  • Ability to monitor workflow and make timeline adjustments as needed.
  • Vendors/freelancers/in-house teams management.
  • Assisted by a full-blown ERP to manage projects and production control.
  • Project managers are accessible by US/UK/Australia local numbers and Skype.
  • All project managers have running mates as backup.

Whether you are considering outsourcing project management work for your organization or simply require support managing a publishing project or publication, we will be able to fulfill all your requirements.

Typesetting Services

It is not only an eye to page layout and design but also the ability to reliably meet deadlines that contribute to the publishing success. With several years of experience in various tools used for typesetting and related services, diacriTech’s workforce of highly qualified staff are time efficient in their practice and skilled to handle any aspect of typesetting work. We provide typesetting services through LaTeX and InDesign for eBooks and print books. All composition projects are tracked through automated workflow in cloud-based platform.

Typesetting services in Macintosh and Microsoft Windows platforms include the following:

  • Page makeup and development of proofs including correction and placement of assets
  • Front-end XML workflow into InDesign
  • Non-XML workflow for QuarkXPress and FrameMaker
  • Latex
  • InDesign Design/Template creation (including Typefi Systems)
  • QuarkXPress Design/Template creation
  • FrameMaker Design/Template creation
  • 3B2 Template creation
  •        Generate Latex to print PDF
  •        Converting Word to Latex and vice versa
  •        Converting Latex to XML/HTML
  •        Latex Template creation
  •        Generating PDF/XML/HTML from 3B2
  •        3B2 Template creation

Copyediting and Proofreading Services

Copyediting and proofreading are essential elements that lay the foundation for high-quality publications. diacriTech’s editorial team has a group of highly skilled copyeditors and proofreaders from various disciplines, such as medicine, life science, social science, engineering, law, humanities, and so on. The team of specialty editors is familiar with nuances of perfecting copy to ensure consistency, clarity, accuracy, and adherence to house style for scientific journals and books. They have extensive experience in editing to achieve style consistency and improved readability throughout a publication.

Besides the aforementioned processes, professional proofreading (PPR) or editorial proofreading (EPR) is done to detect and correct production errors of text/art and ensure the document is accurate in all copyediting, proofreading, and typesetting aspects. Copyeditors also maintain strict adherence to quality control (QC) and turnaround time (TAT).

Digital Conversion Services

To meet the soaring requirements and demands of multichannel audiences in a print-to-digital world, diacriTech provides a wide range of conversion services using industry leading practices. We have the capability of converting files virtually from any format to another. The most popular among them are as follows:

From: Paper, PDF, PS, SGML, TEX, FrameMaker, Quark, Ventura, Word, INDD, FrameMaker, PageMaker, Databases, etc.

To: Word, ePub, XML, MathML, Database, or other customer-specific format.

We are also proficient in XML package creation for JSTOR, HighWire Express platform, PMC (PubMed Central) and NIMAS XML conversion.

We provide ePub/ePub3 conversion and formatting services pertaining to IDPF standards and specialize in

  • Creation of EPUB from Word and other application files
  • Conversion of Word files to reflowable/fixed layout EPUB (including widget placement)
  • Conversion of PDF files to reflowable EPUB (including widget placement)
  • Conversion of HTML/Word/XML to EDUPUB

Artwork and Graphics

Art and image processing is an essential constituent in the composition process. diacriTech has been providing professional art development and end-to-end design services to global customers in the PreK-12, Higher Ed, and ELT segment for more than a decade.

We have a custom-built art studio that works 24x6 with staff of different background specializing in Illustrator, Photoshop, 3DMax, ChemDraw, etc. Artists are not only capable of redrawing artwork but also working from conceptual briefs and converting photographs into illustrations. Creative artists conceptualize art considering the requirements of various standards on race diversity.

Our art workflow includes an input QC analysis process to identify and segregate art that needs redrawing or retouch. Art output QC is independent and does a technical profiling of art in order to ensure that the artwork is consistent in terms of stroke width, thickness, resolution requirements, and color space requirements. Exhaustive preflight checks are done here before it is passed on to page make up.

Types of artwork done (well-customized technical, situational, and medical art)

  • Mechanical drawing
  • Medical illustrations
  • Science illustrations
  • Map drawing
  • Situational drawing
  • Infographic
  • Icons
  • Book design—covers and interiors, etc.

Our Art services include

  • Concept art
  • Character design (for animation, games, advertisements)
  • Cartoon art
  • Creative illustrations
  • Creative redrawing
  • Art correction
  • Image resizing
  • Maps (redraw/correction)
  • Image retouching
  • Relabeling
  • Scanning
  • Coloring work
  • Color conversion
  • Disk and relabeling (raster/vector)
  • Disk edit
  • Extraction

Content Development Services

diacriTech holds a niche in delivering innovative content for a diverse range of publishers across the globe. Our team of content developers have hands-on experience in researching, developing, and creating content across disciplines to support the learning requirements of K-12, ELT, Higher Education, and STM students. Being familiar with best practices in curriculum building and lesson planning, they can easily adapt content as required e.g. to reflect bloom’s taxonomy, make it age-appropriate or meet syllabi objectives. Our content development services include the following.

  • Static/algorithmic item writing
  • Cold solving
  • Lesson plan writing/hand guide development for teachers and students
  • Content for inquiry-based learning
  • Translation
  • Content repurposing
  • CMS/LMS content population services
  • Test item bank and assessment Development
  • Permissions
  • Assessment writing
  • Taxonomy services
  • Journal article writing
  • Website/marketing content
  • E-learning/storyboards/interactive content development for digital platforms
  • Voiceover content development
  • Closed captioning
  • Educational taxonomy tagging
  • Alt-text
  • NCLEX-style question creation
  • Book mapping
  • Solutions manual development
  • Accuracy checking/fact checking

Manuscript Assessment and Technical Screening Services

With just about 5% of the submitted papers being accepted in high impact journals, the need for a competent assessment and screening process has never been greater. diacriTech has specialist editors from various scientific disciplines to perform manuscript assessment and technical screening (MATS) services.

The purpose of MATS is to ensure all manuscript submissions are screened for language, completeness, and are ready for peer review before being assigned to an editor. Careful screening for completeness at this stage ensures that a manuscript can move smoothly through the peer review process without any issues. This averts additional and needless work for all the process stake holders such as author, editor, reviewer, and journal manager at a later stage.

With MATS being a time-sensitive academic operation, diacriTech uses postgraduates in Science or Engineering having good knowledge of written English to comprehend the journal requirement quickly and ensure successful screening.

Indexing Services

Indexes play an important role in helping readers to locate information quickly and efficiently and hence it is vital that they are accurate and well organized. We offer professional index creation services to enhance usability of publications. Our team has extensive experience in preparing indexes for STM, humanities, and trade books for many of the leading educational publishers.

The benefits of our services are listed here:

  • Our index team members are widely read, meticulous in handling of detail, concise and logical in their work.
  • They are well acquainted with the styles of many publishers, and capable of meeting tight deadlines.
  • Index team members are assigned based on the required background knowledge.
  • We are well versed in using tools such as CINDEX.

Copyrights & Permissions –Research and clearance

In today’s mainstream publishing industry obtaining approval to use third-party copyrighted content in publications has become the mandatory norm. Yet this continues to be a challenging task for many publishers. diacriTech has a simplified turnkey workflow that is managed successfully by the Rights & Permissions (R&P) team. This workflow not only promotes transparency and minimizes cost, but it also takes the complexity and hassle out of the copyrights clearance process for third-party assets (images/photos).

The team has the requisite experience in communicating with third-party rights holders, publishers, and copyright agents regarding acquiring permissions. They also have expertise in using automated permissions management services such as Copyright Clearance Center, PLSClear, and RightsLink service, which facilitate the process of acquiring permissions.