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SSPARKL eReader application and Learning Management System

SSPARKL is a digital learning platform and an e-reader application with high-end capabilities to meet the expectations for both the learners’ on-the-go and the diverse learning initiatives of the new-age education provider.


SSPARKL integrates the key lever’s required for today’s Learning Management Systems; content creation, management, and delivery of content, including assessment and interactive e-reader solution enabling easy compliance to emerging eLearning trends. For the institution – the school or university where it is implemented, it can lead to the successful introduction of innovations and fulfillment of educational goals.

SSPARKL provides a fantastic value proposition for usability for administrative features and the end-user experience. Its baseline version sets the stage for any educational institution to align their critical automation requirements of time-consuming tasks, extensibility, and scalability to the type of system needed.

Staying ahead of the curve

SSPARKL provides flexibility to support various industry-standard interactive e-reader formats (PDFs, ePubs, html5, MP3/4, etc.) and is designed as a multi-form factor (desktop, laptop, smart TVs, tablets, and mobile phone) enabled solution. It is a cloud-ready solution geared to meet today's education providers' new and changing needs and capable of handling ever-increasing volumes. It also supports multi-languages, enabling the rollout of the Learning Management System simultaneously in multiple regions.

Future-proof Solution

SSPARKL is a modular solution with microservices-based architecture that easily integrates the application with APIs. This enables cost-effective operations and agility to support future enhancements.

Learning Management Solution

SSPARKL - Learning Management system

SSPARKL brings a unique combination of Content Creation & Delivery, an Interactive eReader, a Question bank, & Assessment and Analytics solutions to address the most pressing needs of today’s Learning Management Systems.

Interactive eReader application

Library view:

  • Displays an overview of the collection of titles present in virtual bookshelves.
  • Books can be read just by selection or downloaded to be read offline.

Reading View:

  • This e-reader application Presents a full-screen reading view of a single eBook's content with Toolbar.
  • Highlight or underline keywords and phrases quickly with annotation support.
  • Convert text to speech.
  • Seamlessly search and navigate within the text, TOC, annotations, highlights.
  • Include various media resources type (animations/audios/videos/slideshows/interactives).
  • Use widgets (Calculator, Converter, Stop Watch, Drawing tools, etc.).
  • Mark content using Pen tool.
  • Easy navigation (Go to page/Next or previous page/view history/TOC/hyperlinks).
  • Adjust the text size to make reading more accessible by using the selective zoom option.
Interactive eReader application

Question Bank & Assessments

  • The Question Bank provides a single access point to all the questions needed to construct assessments.
  • The Question Bank can be organized by subject, objective, taxonomy, level of difficulty, grade, or question type, i.e., based on any classification required by the user.
  • The different question types may be multiple choice questions, true/false, fill in the blanks, short and detailed answers, etc.
  • Users can create, preview, and edit questions.
  • Users can also remove questions after checking usability.
  • Once questions have been created in the repository, assessments that include them can be created.
  • For the Assessment creation, user has the option to select questions through manual or automatic methods.
  • The selected questions are presented in the form of a well-formatted, correctly numbered, and ready-to-print test paper.
Question Bank & Assessments