• For enhanced reading experience

SSPARKL - eReader app

SSPARKL provides the option to serve advertisements without hindering the reading experience. Inside these advertisements can be placed different advertising elements such as,

Texts : Text sections utilize both advertising-like copywriting texts and product- or service-specific information texts.

Photos : It is possible to add Brand image photos or product catalogs.

Videos : Videos may be commercials or demonstrations where product or service characteristics are being explored through animated images and sound.

Touchable Content : Instead of letting readers click the images in a traditional manner in embedded campaign sites, this enables a more creative way of "twiddling" the product.

Social Media Linking : Providing linkages to company's or brand's Facebook or Twitter page.

E-Commerce : E-shop opens on top of an ad enabling a more user-friendly way of interacting with the offering.

Lead Generation : Enable readers to submit their contact information so that representatives of the advertising company may contact them in future.

Enhanced mobile-first UI portal offers

  • Neutrality and efficiency through HTML5 Workflow
  • Portability and enhanced content accessibility
  • Interactivity with social media networking
  • Simplicity in user interface and navigation
  • Flexibility in custom publishing
  • Multiplicity of LMS tools

Integrated SSPARKL eReader app offers

  • High-performance and a platform-neutral solution
  • Excellent reader and library management features
  • Special customizing options to personalize the reading experience
  • Sharing via social network
  • Complete multimedia experience by expert incorporation of 3D animations and graphics


A device-agnostic, intuitive, blended learning solution

Comprehensive system that brings into its fold all the key stakeholders (Learner/Parent/Teacher)

SSPARKL LMS consists of :

An Enhanced eBook Reader

  • With TOC, Tool Palette,
  • Widgets (Visual Map Tool, Interactive Map-based Widget, Simulations, Age-appropriate Concept-based games etc.)
  • Support for various Media resources type
  • Dictionary, Glossary, Translation etc.

Lesson Plan and Delivery tool


  • Assessment types include Self/Peer, Online/Offline, Formative/Summative
  • Question Bank with different complexity levels, tagged as per Taxonomy, prepopulated Test papers/worksheets, Group-based activities etc.

Integrated Analytics engine

  • Reward accumulation
  • Certification
  • Insight into Learner's progress