• Integrated Process, Comprehensive Approach


What sets us apart :

Cost-effectiveness combined with high quality is the diacriTech’s vision, and this is achieved by automation of routine publishing tasks and workflows.

A list of platforms used to attain this objective includes

  • XML-first InDesign typesetting via our patent-pending InXML software (US Patent pending - 13-245352)
  • True XML-first production workflows for Higher Education and School projects
  • LaTeX direct – an XML workflow on LaTeX
  • XEditPro – Publishing Suite SaaS platform
  • APP/3B2 automated pagination, including round-tripping of MathML by customizing APP MathML library
  • Automated processes and workflows to repurpose/customize various content, including on-the-fly updates of internal references, index terms, footnotes, credits, etc.


The horizontal structural organization at diacriTech has been created with the objective of providing uninterrupted round-the-clock service. Avoiding hierarchical layers in the organization has helped to maintain efficient and easy interaction between project managers and their team members thereby ensuring smooth workflow and effortless troubleshooting of any problems that might arise.

Seamless communication with global customers is made possible with a convenient shift system in place—we are one of the few organizations that have teams working full night and evening shifts to synchronize with different time zones. Any lag in communication is obviated by making customer support services available 24 hours a day . The horizontal organization further facilitates information exchange between teams through close communication between the project managers creating an atmosphere conducive to efficient completion of projects on time.


diacriTech strives to offer a conducive work atmosphere where the employee is able to work with utmost efficiency. Excellent on-the-job training, reward to recognize performance, and remuneration at par with international standards ensures employee satisfaction and long-term association of the employees with the company.

If you are interested in a career and not just a job in publishing, diacriTech is the place for you. Contact careers@diacritech.com with your CV.

Current Openings: