Designing Books for Schools with Right Editorial Skills

eLearning Services

From classrooms and blackboards learning today has undergone a transformation and has become more online, interactive, and is moving toward providing a hands-on learning experience to students. Virtual reality has become a reality! The current trend in learning is to incorporate virtual reality and video-based games, which makes learning an effortless, fun, and high-impact experience. The digital engineering team focusses on developing learning solutions that follow the current trends and are interactive and accessed through the web.

A content development team focuses on creating a learner-friendly design and provides input to the digital engineering team who execute these ideas and develop digital projects that are attractive and user friendly. Also, we have developed, interactive "online quiz" learning methods that trigger the thought process and thus help understand concepts much better.

We also research and innovate new multimedia solutions for online publishers, especially for K-12 and higher secondary requirements. Lab-based learning are subject to be collaborative, and we at diacriTech understand all the intricacies involved in such study material. Our team strength combined with the right kind of technology empowers us to provide both engaging and traditional elearning services to customers.

Digital Conversion Services

Many years of practice and experience with complex projects have made the digital content conversion teams experts at what they do and make them perfect for supporting customers in all kinds of digital conversion. Source files in various formats such as paper or electronic formats such as PDF, Word, InDD etc., from customers are converted using our modular tool-based approach in scales of 6 hours to 48 hours Turnaround times. Fuzzy logic and AI combined with manual checks are used to QC the converted files to ensure quality.

We convert content to both XML and HTML format, and maintain high quality with quality control checks at all stagesusing standard and proprietary tools. Embedding links wherever necessary, packaging HTML files to ePub format, and also QC to ePub files are performed at a consistent rate.

Electronic books can use either a reflowable format or a fixed one.In a reflowable layout, the content is fluid and fits the size of the screen and allows the user some control over the font size. It is cost-effective and is suitable for text-heavy content. Currently, ePUB and Mobi are the most popular reflowable formats and we support both.

Our "Digital Conversion" team is well versed in LMS, which is used for content population and maintenance. Creating a suite of digital resources in both print and online version and developing the course package including assets, digital documents along with the ePub, and organizing all assets (images, worksheets, video, audio, widgets, subtitles) by topic/lesson IDs are the other capabilities we include under LMS population.

Typesetting Services

Typesetting services is a integral part of diacriTech.

With proven expertise and experience in this area, demands ranging from writing specifications to creating templates to page makeup and more can be met by the diacriTech composition team. Composition services are available for several languages including, but not limited to Spanish, German, French, and Portuguese.

With streamlined processes, diacriTech meets the strictest of schedules with the highest quality.

Our staff are constantly updated with new technologies and the latest version of software. We routinely use the following software:

  • Adobe InDesign
  • InMath, PowerMath, MathMagic, K4, Woodwing QuarkXpress
  • Autopage, XMath (Mathables), Tableworks
  • MathML
  • Adobe FrameMaker
  • TeX, LaTeX
  • Corel Ventura
  • Arbortext APP 3B2
  • Composition directly from Database, SGML/XML

Artwork and Graphics

Art is an integral part of most publishing products. Artwork includes images, photographs, diagrams and illustrations such as graphs and charts. Art complements the text content and enhances the reader's understanding of the topic under discussion. The influence of a good cover page in the sale of a book cannot be underestimated. Moreover, eye-catching designs with properly stylized graphics and vibrant photos make digital products take on a new form.

This has inspired diacriTech to establish a highly skilled pool of illustrators, who can handle artwork of all types. The diacriTech graphics department is certified by a well-known publishing house for its quality and infrastructure. The diacriTech team is known to deliver high volume of art in short turnarounds, something that no other vendor in the industry can boast of. When cookie-cutter templates just won't do, come and see what we can do for your project. Subtle but effective changes will breathe new life into your product. diacriTech's designers and illustrators are cross-trained in print and digital production. They understand how not only to design an attractive product but also to produce it efficiently.

  • Illustration
  • Photo Research, Art Purchase, and Art Permission
  • Art Modification
  • Interior and Covers
  • Digital-user interface and user experience

Content Development Services

A digital publishing service provider for 20 years, diacriTech excels in content development and support. Advent of smart devices has made content development move to newer vistas. This has created the necessity for content that has to be created, edited, enriched, and packaged for new formats and devices. Developing content for tablets, smartphones, and eReaders poses several challenges: crispness, aesthetics, latest content, speed etc.

Meeting these challenges requires agile editorial and production capabilities with the right mix of digital content and technology expertise. diacriTech has the in-house capability to develop content that is dynamic, and we are fortified enough to support our customers at all levels.

Every aspect of production is supported by subject matter experts with a wide range of expertise; end products for the entire spectrum of digital platforms including eBooks, apps, websites, and eMagazines are delivered on promise at diacriTech.

diacriTech supports industry leaders such as Pearson, Taylor and Francis, Cambridge University Press, Springer, Elsevier, McGraw Hill, and many others with their digital production needs, allowing them to attend to their core business. Our services are focused on digital content solutions, delivering measurable results, improving turnaround time, and minimizing operating cost.

Content Development Services includes

  • Static/Algorithmic Item writing
  • Cold solving
  • Lesson plan writing/Hand guide development for Teachers and Students
  • Content for inquiry-based learning
  • Translation
  • Content repurposing
  • CMS/LMS Content Population Services
  • Permissions
  • Test Item Bank and Assessment Development
  • Teaching Kits (doc/PPT)
  • Journal article writing
  • Website / Marketing Content
  • E-learning / storyboards / Interactive content development for digital platforms
  • Voiceover content development
  • Closed captioning
  • Educational Taxonomy Tagging
  • Alt-text
  • NCLEX-Style question creation
  • Taxonomy Services
  • Book mapping
  • Solutions manual development
  • Accuracy checking/fact checking