Frankfurt Book Fair-2019

The world of book fair needs no introduction. Especially, the Frankfurt Book Fair (16 - 20 Oct, 2019) which is an important international trading venue for content of all kinds - from novels and children books to other academic and scholarly publishing works. It is also where the world’s forward-thinking publishers and their technology solution provider’s network and explore successful and innovative projects in the field of Digital Publishing.

At the Frankfurt Book Fair, diacriTech has showcased the latest version of its flagship SaaS publishing solution XEditPro. XEditPro enables organizations to stay ahead in the global publishing market by streamlining the entire book and journal publishing with a technology-driven, quality-focused approach. Its author-centric workflow provides authors the option to perform edits online and directly into the manuscript thus averting tedious feedback cycles.

Here are the key features that users can expect from the latest version of XEditPro.

  • Reach a broader customer base with provision for multi-language
  • Validate documents during content updates using standard Document Type Definition (DTD)
  • Enhance security using ACL (Access Control List) and IP address based restriction for users.
  • Monitor Project performance at the granular level using effective project dashboard
  • Customize editing interface using dual or single view (PDF vs. Editor/Editor/PDF/EPUB)
  • Perform Settings and formatting of images, tables with just a click (easy access menus enables efficient use of screen space)
  • Advanced Reference editing using DOI to retrieve details and applying styles based on publisher or standard style guides (APA/AMA/CMS)
  • Optimized faster rendering of Print PDF, Web PDF, HTML, XML, EPUB, and Word at any stage (through suitably engineered underlying framework)
  • Integrate content and rights management by pulling assets from digital asset management (DAM)

XEditPro lets you publish like a pro, through effective project management tools and streamlined workflows. The keystone element of success for handling publishing workload in the cloud is through automation and XEditPro provides this to the maximum, enabling publishers to press ahead of the competition.

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