STM Editing and Proofreading – Key Practices to accelerate Manuscript Publication

Whether it is about creating new knowledge or enhancing existing knowledge, for any research to make a true and meaningful impact, the findings should be successfully communicated to the concerned stakeholders. Quality editing enhances communication and the value of content! Here we present some proactive ways to achieve effective communication and stay ahead on your manuscript publishing journey.

Editing and Proofreading

No paper is perfect, but correct language and style is the first stepping stone to increase chances of publication. Nothing will make your audience tune out more quickly than poor sentence construction, language, grammar, and punctuation. The good news is that when it comes to writing quality content, professional editing and proofreading can help overcome most of the common pitfalls.

Clarity and brevity go hand in hand! Editors through careful analysis of content, ensure that the tone is appropriate, wordings are concise, text flows logically, and the purpose of article is made clear. They help to strike the right balance between covering all bases and clear communication of findings.

Professional proofreaders in turn carefully check each word, phrase, sentence, and paragraph for proper usage of English grammar, typography, style and format and anything else that is missed out at the editing stage.

Checking style, formatting, and references accuracy

Many publishers expect the authors to present their research work adhering to their publication’s standards and styles. So it’s best to be familiar with the associated manuscript submission guidelines and follow the recommended editorial and writing style.

Reference accuracy and completeness safeguard authors from accusations of plagiarism while strengthening the credibility of the author. The sooner any discrepancy in reference is spotted and corrected, the better it reflects on the integrity of their publication.

Including technical illustrations and artwork in medical and scientific publications

Anatomically precise and visually appealing illustrations go a long way to make any research topic come alive. They also help to increase understanding of the topic.

Achieving better visibility

General reviews determine whether you’re writing can be understood by general readers while subject matter specific reviews helps to prepare your manuscript for the medical and scientific community. A combination of both paves the way for enhanced visibility.

Video abstracts that showcase the core findings of research to readers further increases visibility of research.

How diacriTech can help

The best way to fine-tune content is by using the tried-and-experienced team at diacriTech; seasoned editors covering all disciplines who will check all the rules with one eye on details and another to uncover insights of the research in the best possible way. diacriTech also has a team skilled in Illustrations and graphic design who can help to augment research papers with brilliant artwork. The in-depth knowledge and the varied experience of our Editorial team ensure that we are able to offer research scholars the best in terms of medical and scientific editorial services.