Podcasting –The popular Listen to eLearn Trend

Few students, if any, complete their school or higher education journey without missing a single class along the way. It is also not uncommon for students to miss critical points when they zone out in seminars or lectures. This does not really have to matter much! In fact, slow learners can easily catch up on lessons and even remember more! Here’s how.

Access to education with true mobility: Podcasts are digital media files containing content that may be episodic in nature. They are easy to produce, distribute online and accessible in any mobile device. Podcasts are usually audio files but video podcasts are also slowly gaining momentum. Being a highly cost-effective channel, podcasts is the answer to meet millennial expectation for on-demand and versatile content for education. 

Listening and Learning on-the-go: While reading from eLearning materials and interacting with engaging multimedia content has increased retention rates, podcasting as an emerging learning technology offers benefits of its own. Podcasting allows students to listen to the learning resources anytime, anywhere, at their own pace and even as a part of their daily routine. Better yet, short-format podcast requires less time investment from students who are balancing work and study with commute in-between. Podcasts offer invaluable learning support for struggling young readers and students with visual impairment or learning difficulties. They are also suited for the educational trend of micro learning and spaced repetition where learners consume small units of content repeatedly. With short attention spans becoming more of a reality by the day, narrative podcasts with special audio effects are a big plus in providing an immersive eLearning experience.

A dream come true for the teaching faculty: A never ending discontent among lecturers has always been too much workload and not enough time to focus on imparting knowledge. By leveraging podcasts as a teaching tool, lecturers can now easily broadcast engaging audio content, which students can then listen to at any time and from wherever they are. Lecture capture podcasts used as supplementary material in higher education and STEM disciplines help students to review or recall beyond the classroom.

With podcasts becoming more professionalized and a lot easier to use, in recent years it has become a mainstream phenomenon in the education sector.

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