Ensuring continuity of education in COVID-19 situation

Staying Safe and Educating Safely amidst global health challenges
In light of the recent events associated with corona virus (COVID-19), our primary focus needs to be on safety and well being. We need to adapt our routine to include hygiene practices and social distancing measures, be extra vigilant by sticking to mandatory travel bans, and also stay informed about COVID-19 through reputable sources and advisories. With growing uncertainty when the situation will return to normal, protection of educational environment for young learners is of equal significance.
We find many educational systems affected worldwide. Amidst the insecurities and uncertainty of issues surrounding them, education providers (K-12 schools and universities) are grappling with methods to reach their students. Transformation of course content to online, emergency training on using online learning system; these are some of the measures getting introduced at breakneck speed and will not stop any time soon. The idea is to explore distance learning solutions that deliver essential education without interruption and with ability to withstand possible scenarios such as disease outbreaks. These solutions should not only provide an opportunity to contain the outbreak, but also strengthen academic learning.

With remote learning becoming the norm, rapid digitization of learning content is the need of the hour!
We at diacriTech, have been keeping tabs on the rapidly evolving situation around COVID-19 both locally and globally and share these global concerns. We feel adequate online strategies could go a long way in addressing these challenges. These could include online learning management systems or publishing platforms with remote working capabilities that can serve the demand of online content. Combined with support services, they will meet the objective of education providers to provide safe and uninterrupted learning services.

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