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Basic Ideas to Create an Interactive eBook for Kids

Digital technology and mobility have seen a drastic advancement in the past few years. Thanks to this advancement, the way people perceive books today has changed. The preference has shifted from simple to highly interactive content.

First paper books, then came e-books – offering a non-linear reading experience, and now you have interactive e-books, through a children book publisher which are even better! An interactive e-book is more than just text and images on a screen. You have a rich reading experience with audio narration, videos, animated imagery, ambient music, and interactive touch-based content. With so many elements in one place, you get the best of both, the visual tools and quality content, which facilitates learning for kids in all age groups and employed adults.

Now, let’s get to the part where you learn about a few basic ideas to create an interactive e-book for kids.

5 Basic Ideas to Create an Interactive E-book for Kids

1. Audio and Background Music

While some kids prefer to read, a few might like to listen. You can give multiple options to consume the content. Add audio narration, which can help kids easily make notes while listening without having to peak at the text. Also, you can add touch sounds and background music options in case of stories. Kids can choose to read it with the background music or listen to audio narration with or without background music. Consider hiring professional audio narration artists to record it for your e-book to give a better experience to kids.

2. Animated Elements

A study shows animation has positively impacted a kid’s development in several competence areas. It can benefit necessary life skills like inclusion and problem-solving and promote usage of all senses, resulting in greater understanding and memory function. Animated figures and characters help the brain automatically make connections, which leads to higher recognition of objects and retention. So if you want to awe the readers, include animated graphs, charts, elements as they appear, illustrations, and animated gestures to make the content enjoyable, easy to consume, and better retention.

3. Review Quizzes and Puzzles

Another way to make your e-book even more interesting for kids is to add pop-up review quizzes, animated puzzles, or games after every few pages. Go for a book publisher that allows you to list your questions, have kids select the answers as per what they have learned so far, and reveal the right ones! These quizzes will help them pay more attention and directly engage with the content.

4. Include Videos

A study shows that viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video, compared to 10% when reading it in text. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth 1.8 million words per minute! So, you must include video content in your interactive e-book. Especially when you have to cover a complex topic, a video can help make it easy for kids to understand. You can simply embed a video link or choose to add the file itself.

5. Add Widgets

E-books are no longer static; they’re now considered dynamic and constantly changing. But how and what is the magical invention that makes them dynamic? Well, widgets are what keep the capability to transform an e-book from static to a highly interactive document. For those who don’t know, widgets are like mini-applications that your users can access while reading your e-book. Widgets can be simple like calculators or complex like digital games. Your readers can send messages through these widgets as they read your ebook. For example, you can include a live video from a platform, a real-time Instagram gallery, or surprisingly even a Twitter feed in your ebook.

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