How Digital Publishing continues to empower academics

We live in an age where education is dynamic and the demand for technology empowered curriculum is omnipresent. Keeping up with emerging trends in education, digital publishing continues to present a myriad of opportunities to make educational resources accessible in new engaging ways. Here is a preview of some of the core opportunities that digital publishing offers in today’s academic world.

Ensuring discoverability online in mobile devices– Digital publishing facilitates discovery of online resources in ways that print materials simply cannot. Resources ranging from textbooks to online courses to smaller units of content like learning objects can be easily searched for and instantly found by just a few clicks when they are made available online.

Creating supplementary resources to value add printed books– Supplemental resources help to add value to their printed counterpart. These can include several learning techniques to maximize retention such as spaced repetition, `sandbox `approach, learning via trial and error, inquiry based learning etc. Augmented/Virtual Reality simulations and gamified learning solutions (with narration, videos, and guided tutorials) provide ways to integrate the process of teaching, learning and practicing the concepts while motivating students beyond rote memorization.

Breathing new life into existing content– In digital publishing, content can be reused, revised, and repurposed whenever required in multiple channels to enrich curriculum. This helps not only speed-up time-to-market but also increase the potential for revenue generation through efficient re-use of academic assets.

Leveraging metadata to promote visibility and sales– Metadata optimization is the key to future-proof educational content and get it discovered by search engines, social networks, recommendation engines etc. Digital publishing provides the opportunity to use the right key words in a book’s metadata based on predictive analytics of consumer usage.

Building on the 21st century 4C’s skills-Digital publishing with interactive media helps educators to incorporate the learning of the 21st century essential skills Creativity, Critical Thinking, Communication, and Collaboration into the course curriculum more easily and effectively.

Utilizing Cloud based digital publishing platforms Transition to cloud technology helps publishers to meet the heavy demands of content hosting, management, availability, collaboration, and publication turn-around-time more cost-effectively.

Tapping into Open Educational Resources or OER– Publishers looking to capture and integrate OER with their offering will find it easier to use digital tools to remix and publish educational content.

As technology continues to change, they open up new opportunities to create more value in publishing. In 2019 and the years that follow, we expect digital publishing opportunities to evolve in terms of both technology and potential for increased user adoption.

DiacriTech’s commitment to the education portfolio is evident from its ability to meet consumers’ ever changing demands with continuous digital transformation initiatives and growing suite of automated publishing tools.

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