EPUB Conversion


With eBooks having become a phenomenon of sorts, does ePub even need an introduction? From allowing interactive multimedia elements to flexibility for reading on multiple devices and creating accessible publications; it has all the much needed features to be one of most popular eBook formats in today’s e-publishing world. These capabilities has made ePub the preferred standard for a global digital education solution provider in Australia to develop, deliver, and disseminate learning content in their digital leaning platform.

Project Description

The scope of project involved conversion of InDesign Atlas files to ePub. There were 2 books, one containing 275 pages and the other 480 pages. A significant challenge was in switching all the maps from double-page spread to eBook layout (present in about 200 pages). Most of the images had unnecessary layers and unwanted elements that needed fixing. The final stage involved archiving the resulting content in CMS Vault. The whole project was time-sensitive with restricted deadlines to complete the tasks.

diacriTech’s Solution

Regardless of the challenges present, diacriTech conversion team’s competency laid the groundwork for the project’s success. Their perseverance at all stages from start to finish enabled to maintain the client’s short-term target without compromising on the quality and the due process. With good base knowledge in image and text extraction process and hands on manual coding experience in HTML and CSS, the team was adept to retrieve the source files and perform the ePub conversion applying the global style sheet. Quality assurance is important for digital atlases to render perfectly on client’s digital learning platform. Against client specific checklists, quality checking was performed in the platform to check reading view. Validation was done using standard tools and finally QA process was performed using industry best practices to ensure high standards in reading experience. The InDesign and ePuB3 and files were archived in the CMS Vault to be published as needed.


The conversion work was delivered ahead of time, and the digital resources helped the client reach a large reader base in their learning platform.


I'd like to recognize conversion team’s excellent work on the Atlas 8E eBook and World History Atlas eBook.These titles were initiated on 13 August and published today 29 August. That is, 12 days to publish two eBooks.I'd like to personally thank and recognize the Project Manager for his project management work and the support he gave me in this achievement.

diacriTech team's proven commitment along with extensive experience in handling complex, high-volume work helps to make up for demanding schedules and diverse publishing format requirements. For unmatched accuracy in ePub conversion services, get in touch with us at marketing@diacritech.com.