Augmented Reality Application


Technology has become synonymous with learning in the higher-ed, K-12, and continuing education space. With multiple devices surrounding the life of students, it is impossible to ignore the fact that disruptive technologies and gadgets make learning more enticing than the traditional pencil and paper method. Augmented Reality (AR) is one example of a technology that is taking on the mantle of frontrunner in education today. AR in education is about supplementing textual content with digital content in real time with its widest use case being the ability to add extra information and provide better understanding of a topic. Common types of AR content include videos, 3D models, animations, and text descriptions. Combining physical and virtual worlds, AR brings just about any topic to life through interaction techniques. This was the driving factor for a leading educational publisher to consider implementing Augmented Reality (AR) app in their academic materials.

Requirements of the App

This app was intended to engage young readers while giving them the motivation to delve deeper into the educational materials through explorative learning experience. It was targeted for android and iOS mobile operating systems, to be invoked in smartphones and tablets. All the related assets pertaining to more than 200 books had to be stored in the cloud. Students were supposed to download the app from Play/App Store and scan the book cover page of any title. The actual content of the book (all chapters) had to be rendered on augmented reality image recognition. It was supposed to allow viewing the list of chapters and the contents within including animations, slideshows, interactives, and audio. It also had to facilitate offline access after the initial activation phase. Finally, it had to enable a workflow that allows automatic propagation of changes made to publisher’s content to the version already downloaded by students.

diacriTech's solution

diacriTech helped the publisher in adopting the augmented reality app by developing a customized solution suited for their educational needs. The app was designed and built with a seamless UI/UX, keeping in mind the target market for the application and its majority use. Students were introduced to the concepts using an interactive framework with narration, animation, slideshow, and interactivity creating one-off experiences. The app was tested in an optimized student-oriented way for all platforms. For portability, cost effectiveness, and ease of performance, the assets were hosted in publisher’s server with updates automatically available in all versions.

The benefits

Education providers know—perhaps better than anyone—how easily distracted students can get and how hard it is to capture their attention with traditional media forms. Staying true to the nature of immersive technology, AR really does create and sustain focus. This app offered a compelling new way to engage with students, improving the way information was accessed from textbooks, opening up immersive experiences and making learning much more efficient.

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diacriTech's creative design and development team consists of specialized AR app developers who possess the technical skills and proficiency to create lifelike simulative experiences for any topic. From conceptualizing interactive media, story board creation, 3D design to programming and even more; we offer the best augmented reality services to create supplementary value-adding content for print books. If you are looking to align AR content to any specific curriculum get in touch with us at