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Continuous improvement in STM publishing

The field of Scientific, Technical, and Medical (STM) publishing serves a wide array of academic communities and contributes to its progress. It is also rapidly evolving to keep pace with the impact of mobile technology, the rise of open access publishing, and the shifting demand to “online-only” content. Publishers need a true partner whose services will not only evolve and change to keep with these demands but also focus on speed, ease of use, convenience, and cost. Decades of experience as a leading service provider and a proven track record of digital skills and expertise make us the preferred partner of choice.

The diacriTech difference is our integrated and proactive approach to taking care of evolving publishing needs. Through our deep understanding of the industry, usage of productive tools, and technology, we provide services tailored to meet requirements of the academic and professional publishing market.

Our wide range of STM publishing services is future-proof and guaranteed for all times. They include:

  • Editorial services and project management
  • Peer review process management
  • XML based online proofing system with pre-editing, copy editing, author corrections
  • XML Validation tools e.g. PMC NLM style checker
  • Delivery of eligible content to platforms like Science Direct, PubMed Central, High Wire Press, or to client’s proprietary system
  • Published ahead of print (PAP) online via online host High Wire (HW)
  • New journal launches and rebrands
  • Repurposing content for Kindle, iPad and other e-readers
  • Delivery of  back-archive content to downstream services
  • Print-ready PDFs of individual articles for reprint purposes

Our services are tightly woven with publishers goals and optimized for clients. To avail our Digital Publishing and Journal Publishing services, connect with us at

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